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1. Who can place an order ? 
We exclusively work for wholesalers and retailers who order full container loads. Should you be a wholesaler or retailer who desires to order on smaller quantities we can also arrange LCL-shipments (shared containers) for you. We will help you out - no worries. Just get in touch with us. 


2. Are there Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ's) ?

Although we prefer to send a minimum of a 20-Foot-Container, we can also work on specialised items that can be LCL shipped. In order to reduce the shipping costs per item drastically, we advise our clients to order higher quantities which will fill up a 20-Foot-Container.  With homewares and furniture some suppliers will impose a MOQ and we will advise you in a case by case situation.
3. Do you have catalogues I can look into ?
Yes, we do have plenty catalogues which can help you to get inspired. They can also make it easier for you to order. But usually our clients send us pictures of products they would like to have. After we hit the road and find them. 
4. I want to create my own product with customised designs. Is this possible ? 
Of course this is possible. We are the only Sourcing Agency in Indonesia which helps clients from all around the world to make their dream come true. We will guide you through the whole creation process. 
5. How long is the production time for an order? 
The production times can vary. Due to our experience your order will take between 4-6 weeks to be produced - should you order less than a full 20'' container load it can require less than that. 
6. Do I have to organise a cargo company which will get the products from Bali to my desired address? 
Don’t worry about that. We handle the whole value-chain for you.  We offer a 'no-headache' service for you. We do the magic and you just sit back and wait for your beautiful products to arrive. 

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