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Why you should choose us to get your Indonesian Design Art delivered straight to your doorstep

Let's jump straight to the point: You should choose us because we do it the right way - not the easy way. We strongly believe in our Mission:

We want to spread the word about Indonesia's incredible craftsmanship & artisans around the world.

It has never been so important to support this incredible art with acknowledgement which can be served in form of orders. We - the Team - from 'Balicious' want to support this traditional craftsmanship and you can help us to do so.

We strive to support the work our locals do, by finding new wholesalers and retailers who share the same passion.

We know what our manufacturers & suppliers can do best. And we know what our Team can do best: Serve you to the highest satisfaction. We do it with compassion, determination & love. We are simply the best in what we do. Over the past years, we have learned the secrets of buying in Indonesia and are real experts in sourcing, pricing, quality controls and shipping.

We will help you to avoid expensive and disappointing outcomes. Our knowledge and experience will save you a lot of headaches. You save time, money, embarrassment and frustration. Over the years we have supplied private homes, homeware shops, fashion companies, hotels in South-East-Asia & Europe and mostly big wholesalers from all around the globe.

We treat every shipment with care - as if we were buying for ourselves. We know what to watch out for. We know how to ensure consistent quality on a daily basis. We find our way around the logistical challenges especially now, during the COVID times where almost everything can happen spontaneous and unforeseen.

By the way: Did you know that our founders are Germans? And do you know what they are especially known for? Exactly: Their obsession for perfection and eye for the details. Behaviours that are crucial benefits for wholesalers & retailers from all around the world.


We live the culture and breath the Balinese lifestyle. We are living in Bali permanently. Which means we are interacting with the locals every single day. We are consistently up-to-date and know about the latest trends in the handicrafts-market. Together with you. We work on your order as a team in which you are able to closely monitor the entire creation-process of your bespoke order.  We believe that communication is key and we will keep you up-to-date with the developments via E-Mail and Video-Calls. We care about your product idea. We observe the whole production-development-process and make sure everything goes the right way. Truthful engagement. The majority of retailers & wholesalers we have communicated with feel a huge lack of trust in dealers currently involved in production and logistics. By supporting you with daily insights from the first idea all the way through to the final product our team will fill you with trust and confidence. We handle it for you. Don’t worry about payment transactions and logistics. We take care of it for you.

So what are you waiting for? We offer a wide range of different handmade items. Shoot us an e-mail with your request. Do not get screwed by bankrupt vendors. 'Balicious' monitors the whole order.

We do the magic and send the best ethical products straight to your doorstep! And on top of that you support the locals with a job they love.

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