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Rattan Products - Stylish Furniture with an Ethical Background

We always get to know our suppliers. We want to understand their story, the process behind how products are made and furthermore how the material is grown or made, and who has created them.

At Balicious, we work with a wide range of independent suppliers and producers in Bali & Java. This means that every piece you buy from us, including our rattan furniture, has a personal story to tell. We can ensure that it has been made not only to a high standard, but in a safe environment for workers too.

One of our oldest, most passionate workers is Nyoman Sukreni. He is from a small town close by Gitgit in the very northern part of Bali. A little town where craftsmanship has been on for hundreds of years. He creates every rattan stool, chair or table with his old wrinkly hands.

Every piece we offer is unique. It means that someone has woven or made the item with love, passion and care. Isn’t that so much better than a flat-pack, machine-made piece of furniture?

We believe that it becomes more and more important for consumers, to know where their products are coming from, how they are made, from what and by whom. We can confidentially say, that we are not only getting a great deal on a great product, but on top of that the people who have either made them, or have been part of the process, are paid a fair wage in Indonesia.

The days of consumers relentlessly pursuing bargains at all costs are on the wane. And they are expecting that retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and all others who are part of this chain also act in an ethical way. We go out there on a weekly basis to check up on our suppliers and their well-being.

As agents, we also want to be part of an ethical manufacturing and supply chain, which is why we take our responsibility to the people we work with and the environment seriously.

Did you know?

The word “rattan” itself comes from the Malay word “rotan”. Malay is quite similar to Indonesian. It’s appropriate that the name of the plant comes from this corner of the world, as the plant itself can trace its origins to subtropical Asia. As a plant that survives well in the tropics – where heavy rain is part of the annual climate – it’s no surprise that rattan continues to thrive there, being mostly produced in Indonesia.

In fact, there are more than 600 species that fall under the category of Rattan. Many of these species actually differ in their growth behaviours. Some Rattan plants grow as shrubs, while others follow the “climbing habit” that is typically associated with palm plants. Rattan utilized for furniture tends to come from the high-growing plants that grow strong - which makes it perfect for the structuring of crafts including furniture.

Rattan furniture had a number of distinct advantages. In addition to being lightweight, strong, and durable – which had made it such a solid option for wicker furniture in the first place – rattan is also porous like wood. This means that rattan is especially ideal for painting, colouring, and even sealing. It is easy to use rattan furniture in a number of ways, giving rattan a reputation as a highly versatile material for furniture. 

So what are you waiting for? We offer a wide range of different rattan items. Shoot us an e-mail with your request. We do the magic and send the best ethical rattan products straight to your doorstep! And on top of that you support the locals with a job they love.

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